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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Christina's humor is getting her through breast cancer.

Wow! It must have been a horrible shock to Christina to find out she had breast cancer. And they went in and felt confident that they got it all. BUT...determined that she is a prime candidate, based on family history, to no only get it back but to cause potentially fatal problems.

So what does Christina do?? Has a double mastectomy. WOW! Is that radical, or what?? I really wonder what the odds were on that one and if they couldn't have just kept a close eye on her breasts. Of course...I HATE doctors and think they're all quakes. But that's another story.

Of course now I read that Christina Applegate will be appearing on "Stand Up To Cancer" airing on September 5. The Breast Cancer Society wasted no time in getting another celebrity to make the circuit. "Society" is another word for cult in that you all have the same cause and same goals. But don't get me started there either. :-)

I do wish Christina luck. Her humor is coming out in all of the interviews and I find that more than admirable. I understand that it will take a year of preparation before she can have the full breast reconstruction done. That in itself must be LOADS of fun. I hope she continues to laugh and keep her spirits and humor up.

Personally, I think Christina is a pretty nice person. I've always kind of appreciated her uniqueness, even in the silly movies she's done and the shows she's on now. She plays the character of Samantha Who, well and I hope that they move that story line a little quicker or something otherwise it'll die. Sorry, Christina.

Not much for you to comment on this post. Let's all bow our heads and thank God that that Christina took care of the cancer early and hope that every woman out there is as lucky. Amen.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tom Cruise's - Academy Award winning performance!!

Is this the one? Will this put Tom Cruise on stage taking home the Oscar next year for Valkyrie???

That's the buzz around Hollywood as his big picture Valkyrie, gets bumped...AGAIN!!!

Give me a break! NO ONE thinks Tom's acting in Valkyrie is anything even close to award perfomance. In fact...quite the opposite.

The joke, of course, is the fact that Tom doesn't use the German accent when all of his fellow "countrymen" do. What's wrong Tom...couldn't find time to work with a dialect coach??

Take a look at the trailer.

The sad thing about trailers is...they actually DO their job! I watched the trailer and actually thought. Hmmmm...sounds like I'd go to see that. But then I can already tell that it is one of those movies where all of the story and action is actually in the trailer and the movie is wrapped about it.

So, do I waste the $11 bucks and shoot myself after, or just wait for it to come out on DVD (which will be 3 weeks after opening)? Hmmmm decisions, decisions.

There is a "mock" trailer on YouTube that is better than the original. But you decide. (See Links in my news.)

OK guys! The question is. Should an actor be given a roll just based on his name and not on his abilities?? Wait! If we cast only on abilities...we wouldn't have much of a pool to dip from now, would we?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Leah Remini, CBS eye daytime show

OK...I'm excited!! Leah Remini having her own daytime show. What a relief that we'll finally hear yet another woman's voice on daytime TV.

Kimberly Nordyke wrote, Aug 14, 2008. (Getty Images photo)

Leah Remini is throwing her hat into the daytime ring.

The former "King of Queens" star is developing a concept for a daytime show with CBS Television Distribution, sources said. Details are closely guarded, but it's believed that the parties are not necessarily thinking along the lines of a traditional talk show. The project is being eyed for a fall 2009 launch. CBS declined comment.

Back to me.

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE Leah. I met her on the set of King of Queens many years ago and fell madly in love. What charm, wit, sex appeal. She laughs easily and being "from New York," little, if anything, offends her.

So the question is. Why would Leah take her talents to daytime instead of actually playing a role. Come on Hollywood...there has got to be a show for Leah. Or what about a movie??

If you're reading this Leah. I have a couple of scripts that you would be perfect for!! We'll talk!! Starbucks??

Question of the day.

Does daytime TV need another talk show??


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ahh...the first post!

Always a thrill to be the first post of a new information page.

Hollywood. Say it out loud and you really do hear an echo of all of the actors, directors, agents and all of the players who bring us our entertainment. What a place to be. Of course that is what 10,000 kids think every year!!

I've been in the entertainment business for many, many years and have been privileged to see, hear, and be a part of many exciting experiences within this crazy industry. Some I loved, some...not so much. But you gotta love Hollywood! It stands for so much more than we'll ever realize.

Coming up. I'll be giving you my thoughts about what's happening in Hollywood and how it effects you and me as well as how the players effect themselves.

This is only my opinion. I want to hear your opinion too. Do you like the movie or love the movie or absolutely HATE the movie? Is there some actor that is getting too much attention for something stupid and another not getting enough for something wonderful? Help me decide.

Check back often! Contribute your thoughts! I want to be a place that you can come to and get honest answers to those pressing questions. Like...

Was Mama Mia worth making a movie out of?

Your comments please? Soon...I'll share mine.

There are also features on this site that allow you to see trailers, gossip, and much more.


See you soon.