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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Christina's humor is getting her through breast cancer.

Wow! It must have been a horrible shock to Christina to find out she had breast cancer. And they went in and felt confident that they got it all. BUT...determined that she is a prime candidate, based on family history, to no only get it back but to cause potentially fatal problems.

So what does Christina do?? Has a double mastectomy. WOW! Is that radical, or what?? I really wonder what the odds were on that one and if they couldn't have just kept a close eye on her breasts. Of course...I HATE doctors and think they're all quakes. But that's another story.

Of course now I read that Christina Applegate will be appearing on "Stand Up To Cancer" airing on September 5. The Breast Cancer Society wasted no time in getting another celebrity to make the circuit. "Society" is another word for cult in that you all have the same cause and same goals. But don't get me started there either. :-)

I do wish Christina luck. Her humor is coming out in all of the interviews and I find that more than admirable. I understand that it will take a year of preparation before she can have the full breast reconstruction done. That in itself must be LOADS of fun. I hope she continues to laugh and keep her spirits and humor up.

Personally, I think Christina is a pretty nice person. I've always kind of appreciated her uniqueness, even in the silly movies she's done and the shows she's on now. She plays the character of Samantha Who, well and I hope that they move that story line a little quicker or something otherwise it'll die. Sorry, Christina.

Not much for you to comment on this post. Let's all bow our heads and thank God that that Christina took care of the cancer early and hope that every woman out there is as lucky. Amen.

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