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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tom Cruise's - Academy Award winning performance!!

Is this the one? Will this put Tom Cruise on stage taking home the Oscar next year for Valkyrie???

That's the buzz around Hollywood as his big picture Valkyrie, gets bumped...AGAIN!!!

Give me a break! NO ONE thinks Tom's acting in Valkyrie is anything even close to award perfomance. In fact...quite the opposite.

The joke, of course, is the fact that Tom doesn't use the German accent when all of his fellow "countrymen" do. What's wrong Tom...couldn't find time to work with a dialect coach??

Take a look at the trailer.

The sad thing about trailers is...they actually DO their job! I watched the trailer and actually thought. Hmmmm...sounds like I'd go to see that. But then I can already tell that it is one of those movies where all of the story and action is actually in the trailer and the movie is wrapped about it.

So, do I waste the $11 bucks and shoot myself after, or just wait for it to come out on DVD (which will be 3 weeks after opening)? Hmmmm decisions, decisions.

There is a "mock" trailer on YouTube that is better than the original. But you decide. (See Links in my news.)

OK guys! The question is. Should an actor be given a roll just based on his name and not on his abilities?? Wait! If we cast only on abilities...we wouldn't have much of a pool to dip from now, would we?


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The Reel Scoop said...

Tom Cruise as a WWII German soldier with a Malibu accent.
I'm there. I always knew Tom would one day show off his comedic talents.